HR Consulting

HR Shared Services Design

Consulting in creation of SSC Strategy, Design and Implementation Plan. We define the vision and Service Delivery Model, develop cost-benefit analyses, design the plan and facilitate the employment.

Part 1. Shared Service Design & Applications

  • HRIS & Processes Due Diligence Analyses 
  • SSC Concept Design, Strategy & Cost
  • Macro & Micro Applications Plan  
  • SSC Step by Step- Applications Guidelines 
  • SSC Culture & Change Management Guidelines
  • SSC Train the Trainer booklet
  • SSC Do’s and Don’ts  

Part 2: HR SSC Implementation; Facilitation Support

  • Recruitment Support 
  • Leadership /Employee Pre-Training
  • Implementation Directive

Organizational Cultural Design

Consulting in terms of approaches for cultural change. We review company practices and propose approaches that promote behavioural norms necessary for achieving the organization’s strategy and competitive position.

  • Assessment of existing culture versus desired culture
  • Review the company’s mission, vision and values 
  • Analyses of HR practices (e.g. Recruiting, promotion strategy)
  • Creation and maintenance of behavioural norms
  • Strategic HR plan leading to cultural change

Empathetic Leadership Program

Empathetic Leadership Program is a custom-designed workshop that is based on Psychology Secrets and Methods of Coaching. The method allows for the shift in people’s minds from unconscious behaviours  to deep understanding of other human beings. The program brings the best qualities out of people, lead to Employee Engagement and Return of Investments.

Part 1. Assessment of Leadership Culture

Part 2. Psychology of Humans – Workshop with Leaders


  • Human Needs and Motivations – Maslow pyramid 
  • Conflict versus Cooperation – psychology in dramatic triangle
  • Authentic versus Authoritarian Leadership
  • Leadership Coaching: Empathy and Understanding

Part 3. Design of Sustainable Methods that Emphasize Desired Leadership Behaviours.